Always take proper advice from any of the property law firms in Thailand. Law firms in Thailand differ depending on language skills, values and ethics, legal skills and business processes. Regardless which law firm you choose, you should see to it that the lawyers are knowledgeable on how the Thai law works based on your case. Here we will discuss an overview on the most common types of law firms in Thailand.

Property Law Firms in Thailand

Property Law Firms in ThailandCatch-All Law Firms

The catch-all type of law firms offer small companies any types of services from incorporating services to accounting, work permit assistance and even assists with Last Will and Testaments. This type of law firm are mostly local law firms which focuses on a standard, fixed-rate work at cheaper prices. However, they are less familiar with the more complex legal issues and might have limited bilingual staff and limited English skills. These are normally not the property law firms in Thailand you wish to be dealing with.

General Expat Law Firms

The general expat firms are those that help foreigners with any issues from prenuptial agreements to incorporating their businesses. Their most noticeable advantage is that they have an English-speaking staff and are usually charging low rates. However, most of these firms have limited familiarity with the technicalities of business-related challenges and tend to have limited resources in meeting with their client’s individual needs. There are a number of these property law firms in Thailand.

Commercial Law Firms

The commercial law firms are those with expert lawyers on an hourly rate. Their clients include those from startups to multinational corporations. These law firms are the most recommended remedy to help you out with lawsuits. Some of these law firms are Thai-managed which are also dominated by a number of foreign lawyers. These property law firms in Thailand are normally found with property projects.

Large Law Firms

Large law firms in Thailand and Central Bangkok have more or less 200 lawyers under their payroll. What sets them apart from the other types of law firms, aside from their rates, is the amount of offices that they have throughout Thailand and Pacific Asia. These law firms usually work with multinational companies and large corporations.

Boutique Law Firms

The boutique law firms are those with a handful of lawyers around Thailand who deal with a couple fields of practice. In most cases, the fewer fields of practice they get involved with, the more skillful they are with that field. One benefit in hiring a boutique law firm is that you will probable meet professional partners who will carry out the task you assigned them to do.