Before you start the Thai Marriage Registration in Thailand it is always best to speak to a lawyer in Thailand. This is because you might want to consider a prenuptial agreement to protect your investment. You might also consider registering a usufruct if you are going to get married. It is legal for foreigners to marry Thai nationals or other foreigners in Thailand. The whole process of marriage is fairly simple, certain paperwork is required and all must be translated into Thai language and certified pursuant to Thai law.

Thai Marriage RegistrationThai Marriage Registration

Marriage in Thailand can be performed at the local district office or Amphur. For foreigners to get married in Thailand, they first need to obtain clearance from their respective embassy. Different embassies have different requirements and procedures in acquiring this clearance. Local district offices that perform marriages require affidavits, known as the legal freedom to marry that affirms the name of the foreigner, including personal details and confirmed citizenship. All these documents should be translated into Thai language and certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Marriage in Thailand is legal and recognised in other countries, allowing certain benefits when marrying in the Kingdom. For those with trans-national concerns where one spouse is from another country, Thailand is a very convenient location to get married. Thai marriage registration should always be taken in account.

Including the time spent in obtaining affidavits from your embassy, the translation and certifying of these documents and performing the actual marriage at the local district office – the whole process of marriage in Thailand can be completed within 4 to 5 days. The whole process can take longer if you encounter complications such as obtaining paperwork from the embassy or different requirements for certain nationalities.

It is also helpful to hire legal assistance to supervise the whole marriage process. A law firm can assist in coordinating with obtaining the official documents from the embassy and have them translated and certified without complications. Being familiar with the process of a Thai marriage and access to qualified translators, including the knowledge of the legal process reduces the risk of getting delayed and other complications.

Also, prenuptial agreements are acknowledged in Thailand as long as they meet the requirements of Thai law. It is highly recommended to hire the assistance of professional lawyers to help you with drafting the prenuptial agreement including the translation and legalization of the contract pursuant to Thai law. Thai prenuptial agreements are considered valid legal contracts even in jurisdictions outside Thailand. Always speak to a lawyer about property when looking at your Thai marriage registration.