You will need a Title Search when buying property. If you are going to buy property in Thailand then you should consider having a due diligence report done on the property. Title search is an important part of the due diligence as you need to consider if you can even own the title deed and also if there is a usufruct or superficies registered over the property. Title deed fraud also occurs and you need to consider that trying to recover your money might be throwing good after bad. Speak to a lawyer in Bangkok for more information.

Property Title Search in Thailand

Property Title Search in ThailandThe title deed search will look at the title deed and check if there have been any issues with the title deed. This could occur when the title deed had been upgraded as certain title deeds may still have limitations when it was upgraded. Someone has to check the documents to see that the title deed is valid and that all the legal paper work exists for the upgrades.

There are many title deeds in Thailand that had been upgraded from a Nor Sor Saam Gor to the Chanote and these need to be looked at. There have been issues before in Thailand where there are more title deeds in circulation than what there is land as many of these title deeds have been created using government land. Always speak to a lawyer about doing a title search as part of your due diligence report.

There was the well-known case in Samui with land fraud in Thailand. You certainly do not want to have a Sor Kor Nung which is only a possessory right and you will need to know what it is that you are buying. As you will note that certain title deeds cannot be sold or even leased. Title Search is an important part of buying property in Thailand.

As the bottom of the title deed barrel would be your Sor Kor 1 which is a possessory right and cannot be sold or leased. There is also the higher Nor Sor 3 as well as the Chanote. Depending on the title you will be limited to what can be done and also what can be leased or sold and many are also limited in the way that they can be sold. Those title deeds with the inaccurate measurements would be advertised before it can be sold or transferred. You will need to take proper legal advice on these. Below you will note the title deed options in Thailand and you are best advised is to speak to a property lawyer before buying or selling property in Thailand. The following are the basics:

  • Sor Kor Nung

Right at the bottom of the title deeds would be the Sor Kor Nung title deed.

  • Nor Sor Song

The Nor Sor Song is not so much a title deed in Thailand but more of a on a temporary basis.

  • Nor Sor Sam

Registration shows possessor rights as well as the right to use the land which the title deed covers.

  • Nor Sor Sam Gor

The updated version of the Nor Sor. This version is more accurate than the former.

  • Nor Sor Saam Khor

This is an upgraded and more accurate title than the Nor Sor Gor but not a

  • Nor Sor Si Jor (Chanote)

The Chanote title deed or Nor Sor Si Jor title deed in Thailand is the title deed of chose for foreigners in Thailand.

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