The Nor Sor Sam is not a Chanote title deed and you are best advised to speak to a property lawyer in Thailand about this title deed. Note that the Nor Sor Sam is not the same as the Nor Sor Sam Gor which is also a title deed you can find in Thailand. Always take proper legal advice when buying or leasing property in Thailand as their property registration system is very different from the Western title deed system.

Nor Sor Sam & Nor Sor Sam Gor

Nor Sor Sam & Nor Sor Sam Gor

Much like other title deeds in Thailand the Nor Sor Sam is registered with the Land Office in Thailand. This registration shows possessor rights as well as the right to use the land which the title deed covers. You can buy and sell these title deeds or for that matter lease property on this title deed however ownership may be a problem later and this is why foreigners in Thailand are advised to stay away from these types of title deeds and to take proper legal advice.

In order to register a Nor Sor Sam at the Land Office in Thailand public notice has to be given in order to complete its registration. The updated version of the Nor Sor Sam is the Nor Sor Sam Gor title deed. This version of the title deed is more accurate than the former. The difference is that the Nor Sor Sam Gor would normally have information from the National Survey as well as aerial photography or designated by the appropriate Land Surveyor.

Note that that the Nor Sor Sam needs public notice and an advert in the local newspapers where are the upgraded Nor Sor Sam Gor does not require this. The Nor Sor Sam Gor can also be sub-divided.

Note that other title deeds and how they fit together within the Land Office in Thailand.

  • Level 1- Sor Kor Nung
  • Level 2 – Nor Sor Song
  • Level 3 – Nor Sor Saam
  • Level 4 – Nor Sor Saam Gor
  • Level 5 – Nor Sor Saam Khor
  • Level 6 – Nor Sor Si Jor (Chanote)

We have covered Level 3 (Nor Sor Saam) as well as Level 4 (Nor Sor Saam Gor) in the property title deed hierarchy. Most foreigners will only buy a Chanote as this property has been surveyed and it does not need any upgrading to the title deed. You should however still do a due diligence report on the property to ensure that there are no usufructs registered over the property or leasehold agreements which would normally be registered over the title deed as well. Other issues may be a mortgage bond or a superficies as well as a servitude and a usufruct registered over the land title deed.

Note also the name above Nor Sor (Nung means one in Thailand, Song is two) so you get the idea as to how the title deeds work. The title deed you would want is “Jor” or four which is the Chanote. Always take speak to a property lawyer when in Thailand.

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