The Nor Sor Song is not so much a title deed in Thailand but more of a right which has been given to the holder by the Land Department in Thailand to occupy and use the land on a temporary basis. This is only consent to use and occupy specific land in Thailand on a temporary bases. These types of property you should stay far away from and look at other types of land.

Nor Sor Song

Nor Sor SongIn order to make use of this Nor Sor Song you have to occupy the land within 6 months of the permission being granted. The land also needs to be utilized within three years after having being granted permission to occupy and use the land. Note that the Nor Sor Song cannot be sold as it is occupancy rights however you can inherit the permission to occupy and use the land under the Nor Sor Song.

The Nor Sor Song can be upgraded to a proper title deed however you will still not be able to sell the land or transfer the land to another person. If you are offered this type of land then you are best advised to steer clear of the Nor Sor Song or its upgrades as the land can be upgraded to a Nor Sor 3, Nor Sor 3 Gor and ever a Chanote title deed.

You will note that different stages of title deeds in Thailand

You will note that the Nor Sor Song is number two on the list. You can also read about the Sor Kor Nung which is even lower down that the current Nor Sor Song. You will note that most times you will find the Nor Sor Song in the rural areas of Thailand where it might be a very small parcel of land that is being used by a family.

This type of land may be offered to your Thai wife and you might be considering funding it or using a superficies on the land where you own the house but not the land. This is a possessory right which can’t be bought, sold or leased so you are advised to speak to a property lawyer in Thailand for advise and guidance but it is always best to buy or lease land width a Chanote title deed.

When buying property or leasing property in Thailand you should always speak to a lawyer in Thailand as the property laws can be difficult to understand at times. The same goes with Thai property measurements which can also add to the confusion.  As stated that you are best advised to stay away from any property that has a Nor Sor Song which may look like a title deed.

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